Terms of Service

Please read these Terms of Use ("Agreement" or "Terms of Use") carefully. Unless you accept this agreement, you are not authorized to use this site or any other Platform service. By visiting, browsing, or using this site or any other Platform service, you agree to be bound by this agreement including any additional terms, conditions, and policies incorporated by reference into it.

By registering with Platform, you agree to a monthly recurring subscription fee at the then-current subscription rate, and you accept responsibility for all recurring charges until you cancel your subscription. You may cancel your subscription at any time, subject to the terms of our cancellation policy (see below).

In addition to the monthly Platform subscription fee, it is the client’s responsibility to pay for any additional marketing expenses. Additional marketing expenses include ad campaign costs and domain purchases for their ad campaigns. Domains purchased through the website are the property of Platform.

Platform is responsible for creating and maintaining digital ad campaigns. This includes but it is not limited to social media ad campaigns, search engine ad campaigns, retargeting campaigns, email follow up campaigns, and software access. It is the client’s responsibility to follow up with leads, and when necessary, produce requested content for marketing purposes (such as monthly videos).

Platform retains ownership of intellectual property assets, including but not limited to landing page and website designs, proprietary digital ads (targeting analytics and ad copy), content, Platform software access, and our market exclusive books reserved for Platform clients. Any Facebook post published by Platform is the property of Platform, including but not limited to photos, text, and video content. These marketing assets are owned by Platform and cannot be shared, sold, or otherwise duplicated by without written permission from Platform.

Platform is a market exclusive service. The geographic radius of what constitutes a "market" will be mutually agreed upon by all parties and confirmed via email.

Automatic renewal terms: Upon subscription, Platform will automatically process your subscription fee in the next billing cycle. Platform will continue to automatically process your subscription fee each term at the current subscription rate, until you cancel your subscription (see "Cancellation Policy" below).

Platform is not liable for any advertising compliance or regulatory guidance issued by a brokerage, association, or government. It is your responsibility to be aware aware of the regulatory and compliance guidelines for your industry.

Cancellation Policy:
Platform subscriptions can be terminated by either party. No refunds will be issued, prorated or otherwise. You may cancel your subscription at any time by requesting such action through your assigned account manager, or via [email protected] You will receive a confirmation email to confirm the cancellation. You will be allowed access to Platform software and resources until the end of that subscription's active period.

No refunds will be issued for previous subscription terms service, regardless of activity (or lack thereof) in the program.

At the cancellation of the account, you will be removed from all Platform related services and groups. Platform reserves the right to delete our published ad campaigns and posts on the marketing partner’s social media accounts. The right to use book templates provided by Platform may not be used for marketing purposes after a terminated subscription.

It is the responsibility of the user to extract any and all desired information out of the Platform software and resources before cancellation (assistance to do so is available by contacting your account manager or [email protected]).

Failed Charges:
In the event of failed subscription payments, you will be notified via email that your payment source was not able to be charged. To update payment information, go to https://platformcrm.com/account/billing. You can also contact your account manager or [email protected] for issues related to billing.

Failed payments are automatically retried 4 times approximate 7 day period. If none of these retries succeeds, the Platform subscription will automatically cancel and the Platform client will be locked out of Platform software and other resources until the failed payments are remedied.